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a made in british columbia product showcase


Welcome to ExportBC

Inside you’ll find an ever growing portfolio of “Made in British Columbia” products and services. Feel free to browse around and see what BC has to offer.


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Check out the latest products and services (below) added to the ExportBC Showcase.

What We Do

The easiest way to explain or describe what we do is that the Export BC website is a portal or a gateway to the thousands of spectacular products and services throughout the province of British Columbia. In very simple terms, the primary objective of the ExportBC website is to showcase British Columbia products and services to the world! Nothing more and nothing less…


Let’s find out how to work together and create a stunning portfolio to promote your brand. We’ve done it for brands big and small. Contact us now to start promoting your brand to the world in style!

Our Showcase

We’re obsessively passionate about British Columbia, and our mission is to help market and promote the products/services produced within it. They always say a picture is worth a thousand words! We’ll, we think the ExportBC showcase goes way beyond that with a stunning display of product portfolios that are definitely worth checking out!