About Us

ExportBC was launched in May 2019 and continues to grow each day with the addition of new products and services from throughout the province of British Columbia. Designed and created on the premise of offering an incredible visual experience for both our clients as well as our visitors that they could never imagine.

We are British Columbia

Inside the ExportBC website you’ll find a wide selection of products and services from British Columbia. From Natural Goat Milk Soaps to the pickled pleasures from Barrelhouse Brine, find out why our province has so much to offer and so much to be proud of.

Product Portfolios

One of the most important aspects in the design and creation of the ExportBC website and the company profiles contained within it was our desire to provide a spectacular visual experience for both the companies that list their products or services in our showcase as well as for visitors to the site no matter where they are in the world.

Featured Profile

A well-groomed beard is a badge of honour. It tells the world that you are a man that knows how to take care of business… and that you mean business. Splendid Bastard beard grooming products are hand-made in small batches, in the South Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

We Are Uniquely British Columbia.

There is nothing more unique than the province of British Columbia and the diversity in which we live. The same can be said for the products and services we produce and offer to the world. From the spectacular fishing resorts in the Queen Charlottes to the distilled spirits of Jones Distilling in Revelstoke, find out for yourself what makes this place so special!