About Us

ExportBC was launched in May 2019 and continues to grow each day with the addition of new products and services from throughout the province of British Columbia. We designed and created the site on the premise of offering an incredible visual experience for our clients as well as our visitors that they could never imagine. 

Discover All That's BC

Inside the ExportBC website you’ll find a wide selection of amazing products and services showcased by our members. From Tree Island Yogurt to the jams and spreads of Saltspring Kitchen Co., we know you'll agree with us that BC is simply worth discovering!

Telling Their Story

One of the most important aspects in the design and creation of the ExportBC website was our desire to provide a spectacular visual experience for not only the companies that profile their products & services in our showcase but also the visitors to our site. We're here to tell their story!

Our Pick: March

Nooch…what a crazy, unique, smooth, golden, creamy, cheesy, delicious ingredient! A tasty, plant-based, dairy-free, cheese substitute that’s high in protein and fibre, plus B vitamins and minerals. After falling in love with the taste, we found out how nutritious it is and became even more excited.

We Are Uniquely British Columbia.

There is nothing more unique than the province of British Columbia and the diversity in which we live. The same can be said for the products and services we produce and offer to the world. From the spectacular wines throughout the Okanagan to the apple and pear flavours of Salt Spring Wild Cider on Vancouver Island, find out for yourself what makes this place so special!