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Nanaimo, British Columbia



Specialty Pickled Products

Our Story

Barrelhouse Brine offers you hand-crafted small batch Fresh Pickles, Fermented 1/2 Sours and Brine. Our jars are hand packed with fresh locally grown ingredients from right here in the Fraser Valley. We deal with small boutique farms that provide us with spectacular vegetables and herbs grow from heirloom seed stock.
Our vegetables, garlic and herbs are all grown locally on Vancouver Island following basic organic practices that exclude harmful sprays and chemical pesticides. Our ‘Seriously Seasonal’ products follow the growing season of Vancouver Island starting in mid June right through to late December. We Pick and Pack within 24hrs of harvest using the tried-and-true water bath canning method to lock in all the flavours of the season.

Pickles & Cukes

Established in 2015. We’ve been perfecting small batches of handcrafted pickles for over 10 years. Our signature brine is infused with a feature beer from one of our local Breweries. Back in 2015, we decided to share them with all the pickle aficionado’s of Vancouver as well as other markets in Canada and the U.S.

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