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Vancouver, British Columbia




Beef & Pork Jerky

Our Story

For over 30 years B.K.H. Jerky has been serving the Lower Mainland. William Lim the founder of this amazing jerky in Canada, discovered how to make beef and pork jerky in Singapore. Hence ’Singapore Style’ From the original Bee Kim Heng, Master Teo Ah Tian, which he himself has over 40 years of jerky perfection.
A family owned business, which only uses the finest cuts of Canadian grown beef and pork products. Features a sweet and moist savoury flavour or if you like a little kick in your mouth try it spicy! Now we would like for you to experience the unique taste of our beef and pork jerky. What BKH Jerky makes is a Singapore style beef and pork jerky that is sweet, juicy, and moist.

Seriously Satisfying

We make it fresh every day at our store in Vancouver. We do not add MSG, it is wheat free and gluten free, for the health conscious people out there. We use the highest quality cuts of meat, the top round of beef and the pork cutlet. Also the smokiness and glaze comes from our last process which is that we barbecue it on a grill.

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