Fresh is Best Salsa Co.

Kamloops, British Columbia




Salsa, Chips & Dips

Our Story

Back in the summer of ’99 is when Fresh Is Best got its FRESH tasty start. Craving a healthier lifestyle and food options, Colin and Lisa first debuted their salsas at the local Kamloops Farmers’ Market and it took off! FRESH tortilla chips naturally followed shortly after. Thanks to our customers… We are now the #1 selling salsa In Western Canada!

Today, Fresh is Best® makes its popular salsa, tortilla chips and taco shells which are sold across Canada at local grocery stores and retailers. They also make fresh FIB taco’s in tri-flavour and yellow corn, FIB Taco Seasoning, and FIB Hot Sauces, FIB Guacamole, FIB Spinach Dip as well as FIB Layer Dips, FIB Smokey Black Bean Dip and FIB Southwestern Black Bean and Corn Salsa. Here’s to FRESH eating!

Taste The Difference

Our fresh salsa is made from all fresh ingredients including tomatoes, peppers, onions, vinegar, fresh squeezed limes, fresh squeezed lemons, chopped garlic, fresh chopped jalapeños, chili peppers, parsley, cilantro, and herbs. We are now building our brand Nationally with the FIB product found coast to coast. We continue to grow our business and product line, conquering one salsa-holic at a time!

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