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Surrey, British Columbia

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Handcrafted Potato Chips

Our Story

We started out in British Columbia handcrafting all-natural chips we thought were just as tasty as the big brands without any artificial flavours or preservatives. We experimented with cooking them just enough to create a satisfying crunch and then went the extra mile to get the taste and flavour profiles just right.
At every stage, our goal was to create the best natural chip we possibly could. We chose only the highest quality potatoes from local farmers we knew. Some would say we were irritatingly picky. We focused on all natural ingredients and yes, we were non-GMO before it was a thing. We like to talk a big game but in this case we let our chips do all of the talking for us.

We craft great tasting natural snacks!

Our company has grown and so have our product lines. We have added chips made from vegetables and chips cooked in avocado oil. Through all this, our passion for quality has never wavered. Neither has our quest to seek out the most interesting flavour combinations to invite people to venture outside their comfort zone. We’ll never stop exploring and pushing the boundaries of what a natural snack can be.

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