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Sustainable Dwellings

Our Story

Hewing Haus creates beautiful, sustainable dwellings from laneway homes to recreational properties. We believe that the only way to create a better future for tomorrow is to change how we build today. Speed of Construction From purchase to living in your own home, Hewing Haus can take as little as 12 weeks. Designed to maximize living, our floor plans are prefabricated which means they can be constructed efficiently and moved on site and completed quickly and quietly.

As density increases and regional regulations change, the demand for additional residences has never been greater. Decades of custom home building experience has shown us this first hand. From buildings to prefab homes these dwellings are historically modular, unsubstantial and lacking in good design and environmental upside.

Sustainable Dwellings

Using innovative mass timber construction, our accessory dwelling units are built in Vancouver, BC to the highest energy standards and designed for backyard and laneway homes, Air B&B’s, or remote vacation properties. Expandable. Customizable. Off Grid Ready. Each thoughtful floor plan can function alone or be combined together for residences ranging from 200 to 600 square feet.

As the strongest and most sustainable building material in the world, mass timber or CLT is carbon sequestering and consumes the least energy of all major building materials. Built with renewable materials from local and sustainably managed forests, Hewing Haus builds carbon sequestering dwellings that mitigate climate change instead of adding to it.

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