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High Roller Energy Drink is an energy drink introduced by Dan MacKenzie and Bryce Shewchuk in June 2006. The company lends its support to several extreme sports including Motocross, Speedway, snowboarding, snowmobile and jet ski events. High Roller Energy Drinks give a superior edge when it comes to health, taste and energy. We ripped it out of the park when it comes down to what goes into every single can.

The team had a vision when we set off to make the first HR bevvie- focus on the taste and the energy, and forget the sugar, sodium and high load of carbs that are packed into a lot of energy drinks on the market today. Our mission at High Roller Energy Drink is to provide a premium interactive lifestyle brand that revolutionizes the beverage industry. For more information on our Company and products, please call us or shoot us an email and we’d love to chat! Always remember to “Dream Big, Live Bigger, Never Give Up On Your Dreams“.

It's not just a drink, It's a lifestyle!

Jackpot and VIP are the OG of High Roller Energy- the one that started it all. Jackpot hit the shelves of Canadian and US stores in 2017, and has been energizing communities ever since. It’s Strawberry Candy flavour doesn’t need that overwhelming amount of sugar that lots of energy drinks out there rely on. It’s crisp, fresh and to the point. Our second addition to the line – Our VIP. With a little more sass than our Jackpot, the deadly and delicious flavour of V.I.P. with it’s slight citrus infusion makes it hard to put the can down. crisp, fresh and to the point.

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