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Our Story

As a professional chef and having a background in sports nutrition Kris was already one step up on plant-based meal preparation and nutrient-dense foods. Smoothie’s are a vital, versatile vessel to health and wellness whether it’s weight-gain, weight-loss or just health maintenance. Twin daughters Natassia and Tianna  pushed dad to bring his plant-based creations to market in the spring of 2020.


Key nutrient components used in synthesis, absorption and metabolism of macro-nutrients  and micro-nutrients became our obsession. Your daily intake of nutrition represents your body’s fitness, energy and progress towards a healthy transformation. You don’t have to be a health nut or gym junkie to enjoy the benefits of our all-natural vegan-friendly smoothies. 


Justgo Superfood Smoothie, our first product line, is mom approved and great for the entire family. We produce all natural whole foods blended and then fresh frozen into a convenient pouch. All of our products boast an impressive nutrient dense meal replacement which is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, has no added sugars, and now almost all organics.

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