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Kelowna, British Columbia

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Our Story

Motherlove was born out of a passion for fermentation. Founder Rochelle Minagawa is a lifelong athlete who has always loved fermenting beverages and food. With a belief that kombucha can taste as good as it is for you she aims to create flavours that are fun and functional, brewing kombucha that isn’t overly acidic or overly sweet. Just a healthy beverage you can feel good about you and your family drinking.


We brew our fermented beverages using all organic ingredients, no artificial anything and a high probiotic count. We harness the flavours and colours from whole foods and combine them to bring you digestive health in a bottle. Our flavours taste light and refreshing, making it easier to take a step closer to a healthier diet.


When you drink MotherLove you’re doing your part to create a better environment inside and out. What we put into our bodies directly impacts our energy levels and how we feel. What we package it in affects the quality of our existence. Naturally effervescent and low in sugar, kombucha is a great way to increase your microbiome diversity.

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