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Our Story

Skevik Skis’ beginnings can be traced to a residential Vernon, British Columbia garage. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson’s garage, to be precise. The Anderson’s sons, Gregg and Glenn, are life-long skiers, growing up on the slopes of Silver Star Mountain Resort, just up the hillside from their northern Okanagan community.

It was here where a love for skiing was fostered and nurtured. It was the garage where their curiosities, ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and good old fashioned book smarts spawned the quickly maturing ski manufacturer that is Skevik Skis.

Handmade in B.C.

Designed, engineered and built by skiers, for skiers. All from our shop in Vernon, British Columbia using only the finest Materials. We wouldn’t want it any other way. To those here at Skevik, quality craftsmanship is nothing without the premium materials we put into each and every ski we make. We happen to have both. And, if your favourite graphic doesn’t come in your model or size? That’ll never an issue at Skevik. We promise!

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