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Vancouver, British Columbia



Artisan Chocolates

Our Story

Solasta Chocolate is a innovative artisan chocolate company based in Vancouver, Canada. We use high quality ingredients to ensure you get the best tasting confections. Our chocolates are inspired by all elements of West Coast scenery including beautiful colours from breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains, beaches, majestic rain forest and wildlife.
Solasta Chocolate makes some of the most eye-catching chocolate in town and fortunately, everyone can enjoy it because they offer gluten-free and vegan options for those looking for a healthy treat. Everything we do begins with our passion for giving back to the community, our love of art and our desire to create amazing chocolate. We believe that businesses should give back to the community. Sustainability is important to us: we only use cacao produced ethically and sustainably.

Truly a Westcoast Inspiration

Our chocolate has the smooth, rich taste of premium chocolate that chocolate lovers crave. In an effort to support our own local businesses, We try to support farmers by sourcing our ingredients locally whenever possible. All our chocolates are made in Metro Vancouver and can be shipped anywhere in Canada. We welcome all retail enquiries.

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