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With great beard comes great responsibility… A well-groomed beard is a badge of honour. It tells the world that you are a man that knows how to take care of business… and that you mean business. It is also a great responsibility. Since the dawn of humanity, beards have always been the ultimate, natural male accoutrement. However, an epic beard should never be taken for granted, neglected or ignored.
A healthy, handsome beard needs lots of attention, grooming and encouragement to be its best and to look its best. That’s why you should be particular about what you feed your beard – a select diet of natural moisturizing and conditioning ingredients will help to yield the most splendid results!

With great beard comes great responsibility…

Splendid Bastard beard grooming products are hand-made in small batches, in the South Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, using only a few select, all-natural ingredients. Beard responsibly, brother – use Splendid Bastard beard grooming products! Over the past couple of years, the Splendid Bastard product line has grown to include products for those who prefer (or are required) to shave. 

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